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    Future Cities

    Bring together quality of life and economic prosperity to help your city reach its greatest potential.

    In a crisis, people come first

    City government and ecosystem?providers need tools to adapt and be resilient. Learn?how SAP can?help your employees and customers get resources to respond quickly and work?toward recovery.

    Accurate, real-time insights will help cities improve the citizen experience

    SAP empowers smart cities of the future to solve tough challenges fast and optimize livability and prosperity by enabling digital transformation and providing accurate insights from the IoT and AI.

    See how customers are succeeding with SAP

    SAP Road Map for Future Cities

    SAP continually evolves our solutions to help cities improve quality of life and economic growth. With our solutions, you can seamlessly integrate end-to-end processes, add real-world awareness, and make intelligent data-driven decisions.?

    Current release highlights

    • Embedded machine learning to optimize ticket and case intelligence and agent productivity
    • Automation of intelligent receivable matching for manually intensive financial processes
    • Integration of the Internet of Things in the cloud with SAP Cloud Platform
    • Geospatial enablement framework that streamlines processing of spatial and operational data

    Upcoming innovations

    • Ability to combine experience data with operational data to improve service delivery
    • Improvements to SAP Asset intelligence Network
    • Improved city dashboard data for mobility, health, education, and infrastructure
    • Secure ID management as a basis for citizen identification based on SAP Cloud Platform

    Future plans

    • Apply blockchain capabilities to secure citizen services and reduce fraud
    • Enhance the asset intelligence network
    • Deliver intelligent citizen services with improved capabilities for virtual agent assistance
    • Combine machine learning for traffic surveillance with intelligent transport management?

    Get the facts

    57 %

    lower audit cost for organizations that have a higher ability to load and analyze data in real time.

    SAP Performance Benchmarking

    15 %

    lower procurement cost as a percentage of total spend for organizations that use an integrated platform for procurement.

    SAP Performance Benchmarking

    49 %

    lower customer service e-mail response time for organizations where agents can access a common repository of solutions and FAQs.

    SAP Performance Benchmarking

    Solve your specific future city business needs

    Create intelligent, citizen-centric communities

    Discover how cities?of the future will bring together both livability and prosperity by focusing on?four key strategic priorities fueled by intelligent technologies.

    Join the smart city revolution

    Learn?about the innovative digital technologies and partnerships that cities are adopting?to transform themselves into more manageable urban environments.

    Find future cities software tailored to your needs


    Stay competitive in the new digital reality by leveraging cutting-edge technologies for smart cities, simplifying long-term planning, and streamlining decision-making processes for urban planning and urban design – with help from our enterprise resource planning suite.

    How is SAP leading digital transformation?

    Realize your potential with the Intelligent Enterprise

    Embrace?next-generation technologies by becoming an intelligent enterprise with industry?expertise from SAP. As your trusted innovation partner, SAP can help you launch?a digital platform, so you can chart your future without bounds.

    Get the latest news and trends from experts

    Terence Leung
    Head of Marketing, Hong Kong and Macau

    Building cleaner, safer, and smarter cities

    Learn how smart city initiatives are creating open data and connected nfrastructures for improved citizen services, transportation, and?economic?prosperity.

    Terence Leung
    Head of Marketing, Hong Kong and Macau

    Investing in a smart urban future with analytics

    See how SMEs can take?advantage of Hong Kong’s plans to spend billions of dollars on an IT-oriented?infrastructure that will enhance its cities with Big Data.

    Peter Maier
    General Manager, SAP Industries

    Creating a more livable intelligent city

    Find out how intelligent cities are working to drive growth and create a livable urban environment that attracts and retains citizens and?businesses.

    Communities and Events

    SAP for Public Sector Community

    Help our ecosystem enable governments to provide, protect, and prosper by exchanging information on SAP solutions for future cities. See how your public sector organization can transform everything from finance and analytics to public security and constituent service.

    Manage your smart city of the future enterprise-wide

    Explore our comprehensive solutions for all business processes across all industries to find the solutions you need to build a connected business.

    Human Resources

    Simplify HR processes and engage your workforce to drive better business results, empower your workforce, and develop your talent.


    Bring together financial processes with automated, real-time analytics, and translate them into forward-looking business insight across the entire organization.


    Take advantage of in-depth data analysis, predictions, and processing of complex events, and combine data from a variety of sources into one, integrated platform.

    Database and Data Management

    Leverage business applications that use the latest technology advancements – including the SAP HANA platform, cloud, mobile, and more.

    Application Development and Integration

    Deploy high-velocity, intelligent edge applications using business and technology services.

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